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2 Comments on “Contact

  1. Dear Joe,
    I am just reading Waterlogged for the first time and loving it. I have always felt compelled to get into cold water – swimming in the sea, rivers and tarns on mountains. Our local river is the Wye and we all swim from the town beach in the summer. Reading Rogers’ book I thought how much I would love to go and do all of the swims that he mentions – so am really impressed that you have done more than just think about it. I will continue to follow your blog with interest – especially when you tackle Hell Gill. Keep up the good work. Emma

  2. Hi Emma,

    Thanks so much for your comment. It’s proving to be a big task, but one which I’m really enjoying. Swimming in the Wye sounds delightful, such a beautiful river.

    There’s talk of doing Hell Gill later this summer. I have family who live close by and I’m expecting it to be a pretty intense experience. Thanks again and hope you enjoy the new write ups I have coming up.


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